Age Well. That’s our mantra and it is what drives our spirit in everyday life. Of course, aging is not always that much fun is it? We understand exactly what fun is in a walking cane, and what makes an ideal walking cane. People with chronic movement disorders, sports injuries, orthopedic joint replacements and the aging population should have the option to use a cane with pride and a sense of fashion, as well. Welcome to CustomCanes.org, home of the world’s largest collection of walking canes, walking sticks, staffs, custom canes and other products, mobility aids, and accessories! Whether dressy, casual or whimsical, lifestyle design options will be possible with multiple cane purchases. We carry a wide selection of canes, walking staffs, sticks, walkers, mobility aids, crutches, wheelchairs, and accessories at CustomCanes.org, all related to “getting around.” We are proud to be able to offer you the highest quality and the best customer service. Starting with this idea, the products featured on our web site cover a wide range of categories. If you can’t find the type of cane, walking stick, or staff you are looking for, please ask us for help.


We have created canes crafted with careful attention to detail, that are lightweight, durable and offers a wide variety of stylish patterns. The products that fill these pages all support the “Age Well” idea and started over 20 years ago with that simple premise. We feel the timing is right for canes to do the same. Custom Canes is a family business dedicated to offering you the finest custom canes, walking sticks, staffs, mobility aids, accessories, and custom-sized cane products. Our constant aim is to offer quality products at good prices, fast delivery times and a friendly customer service.


Finding the absolute best collection of fashionable and functional products that improve your aging experience has been our driving goal. Drawing upon the background in merchandising and specifically fashion accessories, we have a designer line of fashionable walking canes, also. The canes are lightweight, yet extremely strong and stable. The handles are comfortable, and the canes appeal to the user’s sense of style. Fashion and classic cane styles are available for both men and women – no matter the price. No one would choose to use a cane if they didn’t need it for stability. But, once you make that transition, your sense of security and independence grows by leaps and bounds. You gain back your sense of freedom. The world opens up to you again. All products are carefully selected with quality being one of the key criteria for our selection.

You can email us directly at info@customcanes.org with your question. Please feel free to call us at 1-855-734-5600 regarding any problem with your purchase, and we will try to resolve it for you. Thank you for visiting. Come on by again soon!