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You will also find collector, designer and decorative canes as well as many accessories. Remember, a walking cane does not have to mean looking older or less fashionable. A cane or stick can be an essential accessory to highlight your personality and sense of style while meeting your physical needs as well. There are many hikers and outdoors enthusiasts who use walking canes all the time. If you need a hiking stick to add some support—it’s the popular thing these days. We have everything from hand carved and hand painted walking sticks to hiking poles.

We offer a huge selection of wood’s including our new Exotic Wood Walking Canes. Many of our Ladies have requested a smaller, more user friendly folding walking cane. See the new beautiful floral patterns displayed on our Mini-Folding canes. Our Hiking Pole/Walking Poles are offered in wood as well as adjustable aluminum. Our large selection of Heavy Duty canes includes unique imported woods as well as aluminum. With over 500 walking cane styles, we are sure you will find one just right for you. Whether you are looking for your collector’s dream, or you need a mobility aid for assistance, our canes/walking sticks will provide you with the low prices you deserve. Order your new cane from our secure online shopping cart. We are dedicated to giving our customers the very best quality and service.

CARBON FIBER WALKING CANES ARE HERE – both folding and straight styles carbon fiber lightweight derby canes, for women and men. Same ‘carbon fiber’ used to make NASCAR cars! They are the lightest weight walking canes on the market today! Check them out in the Derby Cane section – or put ‘carbon fiber’ in the search box!
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Every new cane comes with a rubber tip. Even if the cane has a metal tip, a rubber tip is usually put on over it. The best time to buy replacement tips is at the same time you buy the cane, so we can get you the right size, and save shipping costs!

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Stand upright in a natural pose while wearing daily footwear.
Allow arms to fall naturally to your sides with a relaxed bend at the elbow.
Using a tape measure or yard stick, measure the distance from the wrist joint (bottom crease at wrist) to the floor. Round up to the nearest half inch.

For a more accurate assessment, a second individual should read the measurement to avoid user movement.

*Please note, our maximum cane length is 36.5